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无为而治 letting nature take its own course/govern by noninterference
乡土文化 native culture
炎黄子孙 a Chinese descendant/the Chinese nation
以德行仁 practice humanity with virtue
源远流长 have a long history
中国意识 Chineseness
中国元素 Chinese elements
中庸之道 doctrine of the mean
二十四节气 24 solar terms
民间工艺品 folk arts and crafts
文化多样性 cultural diversification
文化软实力 cultural soft power
传统文化知识 traditional cultural know-how
对外文化贸易 international cultural trade
思想道德建设 raise ideological and ethical standards
《四库全书》 Complete Works of Chinese Classics
文化产业基地 cultural industrial base
文化传播渠道 channels of cultural transmission
文化创意产业 cultural creative industry
文化体制改革 reform of cultural administrative system; cultural restructuring
骨干文化企业 leading/key cultural enterprises
文化资源整合 integration of cultural resources
新兴文化业态 emerging cultural formats
改造落后的文化 transform the backward culture
世界文化遗产地 world cultural heritage site
弘扬民族优秀文化 advance and enrich the fine cultural heritage of the nation
文化下乡长效机制 long-term mechanism for developing culture in rural areas
重大文化产业项目 major cultural industrial projects
国家一类文物保护单位 cultural relics (units) under first-grade state protection
吸收外国文化有益成果 absorb the achievements of foreign cultures
修身、齐家、治国、平天下 self-cultivation, a well-managed family, and the ability to administer the state and to bring peace to the nation
天干地支 Heavenly Stems and Earthy Branches
天人合一 unity of man and nature
天下为公 the world or country for all
文化宝藏 cultural treasures
文化产业 cultural industry
农耕文化 farming culture
善养浩气 skillful in nourishing virtual force
慎言敏行 diligent in duties and careful in speech
十二生肖 Chinese Zodiac
思维方式 the way of thinking
文化创新 cultural innovation
文化事业 cultural undertakings
文化视点 cultural perspective
文化需求 cultural needs
文化摇篮 cradle of culture
文化遗迹 cultural relics
文化重建 cultural reconstruction
文化自觉 cultural awareness
八股文 eight-legged; official stereotyped writing
本命年 one’s animal year
道德观 moral outlook
端午节 Dragon Boat Festival
翰林院 Imperial Academy
和为贵 harmony is most precious
礼之本 essence of the rites
年夜饭 family reunion dinner
仁之本 the foundation of harmony
文化界 cultural circles
孝与敬 filial piety and reverence
红包 red envelope/money given to children as a lunar New Year gift
中山装 Chinese tunic suit/Mao suit
重阳节 the Double Ninth Festival
敬老慈幼 respect the old and love the young
孔孟之道 Confucius-Mencius doctrines
孔子学院 Confucius Institute
礼乐文化 rites and music culture
礼仪之邦 a land of ceremony and decorum
礼义廉耻 Courtesy, Justice, Integrity and Sense of Shame
龙的传人 the generation of dragon
民本思想 populist ideas
民间文化 folk culture
民俗庙会 temple fair of folk custom
民族文化 national culture
民族自豪 national pride
墨家学派 the Mohist school
内外兼修 whole care
隋唐佛学 The Buddhist philosophy during Sui and Tang dynasties
《道德经》Tao Te Ching/Classic of the Way of Virtue
《弟子规》 Disciples Regulation
《百家姓》 Pamphlet of Chinese Surnames/Book of (China’s)Family Names
《战国策》 Strategies of the Warring States
道德修养 moral self-cultivation
道法自然 Tao models itself after nature
博大精深 broad and profound
出土文物 unearthed relics
传统美德 traditional virtues
传统文化 traditional culture
风土人情 local conditions and customs
刚柔并济 combination of softness and hardness
和谐文化 harmonious culture
厚德载物 great virtue promotes growth
皇城根儿 the foot of the imperial city
精神文明 spiritual civilization; advanced culture and ethic

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